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Automating the Lifecycle of Systems, Reducing Reworks

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Cerner was using manual processes to maintain the life cycle of systems and to deliver healthcare IT solutions at scale, Cerner teams were manually maintaining the life cycle of systems in a human judgment call-centric processes that didn’t scale.


  • Deployed Chef Infra to automate configuration management and remove manual processes.
  • Used Chef InSpec to ensure security and compliance of underlying platforms.


By fully automating its infrastructure and compliance, Cerner is now able to deliver solutions at scale with a high degree of confidence regarding consistency and velocity. They have also been able to facilitate collaboration across a diverse set of stakeholders and seen a positive impact on day to day pleasure of delivering systems.

About Cerner


Cerner’s health technologies connect people and information systems at more than 27,500 contracted provider facilities worldwide dedicated to creating smarter and better care for individuals and communities. Recognized globally for innovation, Cerner assists clinicians in making care decisions and assists organizations in managing the health of their populations.

The coded enterprise is the delivery of business value as code. It’s great if we can automate things, but ultimately that has to be tied into a business value, into the results that we desire. The coded enterprise is the codification of that business value.

Kyle Harper DevOps Manager, Cerner

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