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Reducing Deployment Time of SAP S/4HANA From a Few Days to Less Than an Hour

How Rizing went from installing and configuring SAP S/4HANA systems from a few days to an hour

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Before Chef, deploying an SAP S/4HANA system into a fully demo-able state for new and existing clients was manual and took several days.


Adopted the entire Chef Enterprise Automation Stack (EAS) as an end-to-end solution by:

  • Deploying Chef Habitat to isolate and manage application dependencies
  • Using Chef Infra to run the installation, configuration and ensure it’s done correctly
  • Leveraging Chef InSpec to harden infrastructure and continuously configure and secure OS
  • Using Chef Automate to ensure observability into ongoing operations and system integrity

Chef Professional Services were used to help accelerate the automation process and ensure adherence to best practices.


This implementation has enabled Rizing to go from installing an entire SAP S/4HANA system, configuring it, and putting sample customer data in a few days, down to an hour.

About Rizing


Rizing is a privately-held multinational company providing leading SAP functional and technical consulting services to its customers. The Rizing businesses provide leading specialty SAP consulting services through deep industry experience and a proprietary approach to service delivery and use of IP tools.

We use the entire Chef Enterprise Automation Stack. We use each tool where it’s fit for purpose and found that using them all together really gives us a whole end to end solution.

Rob Ericsson Sr. VP Product Development, Rizing

Chef Enterprise Automation Stack: How Rizing Delivers SAP Apps in Under an Hour

Learn how Rizing automates SAP S/4HANA delivery, reducing the cycle time to show value to customers from days to under an hour.

Chef Habitat really offers a unique viewpoint on application dependencies that I think is really special and allows you to do a lot more than you thought you were even capable of. When we build these things, we know they’re going to work. That’s a beautiful thing.

Rob Ericsson Sr. VP Product Development, Rizing

Automation for SAP: Using Chef Habitat at Rizing

Learn how Rizing uses Chef Habitat to package application dependencies, test and remediate errors at development time, and deliver a consistent result via a CI/CD pipeline so SAP S/4HANA works right every time.

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