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Reducing Deployment From Days to Minutes, While Ensuring PCI DSS Compliance

Reducing Deployment From Days to Minutes, While Ensuring PCI DSS Compliance.

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Fastlane and Chef teamed up to help Haventec speed up deployment times globally while delivering continuous PCI DSS compliance, which allows them to deliver solutions to customers that prevent fraud and protect data privacy.


To deploy its payment tokenization and payment card industry (PCI) solutions anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes while maintaining PCI-DSS compliance, automate infrastructure provisioning for Docker environments quickly, and consistently.


Deploy Chef InSpec and Chef Automate to provide system-wide automation, visibility, and control, to maintain a simple architecture that is secure by design, fully automated, self-healing, and self-configuring. This includes delivering a compliance capability that confidently maintains PCI-DSS compliance.


  • Eliminated direct access to production servers and applications with agent-based architecture, reducing PCI-related vulnerabilities including access and key management, leading to audit acceleration
  • Reduced deployments from days to minutes
  • Ensured zero data loss in five years

About Haventec

Haventec helps organizations build trust by maintaining their customers’ privacy in every interaction, disrupting the global cybersecurity market with a decentralized approach to authentication. Haventec’s internationally patented technologies dramatically reduce cyber risk and enable pervasive trust services for organizations of all sizes, empowering each user to own and control their identity and personal data, while removing vulnerabilities that organizations spend millions trying to protect.

We can push a button and have a completely new VPC, with new application stacks, operational in less than 10 minutes. It has created a highly resilient ecosystem in which we’ve had zero data loss in five years.

Robert Morrish Chief Technology Officer, Haventec


About Fastlane

Fastlane‘s mission is to enable smarter enterprises. They achieve this through a pragmatic approach which aligns and integrates their three practices of ‘Technology’, ‘Agile’ and ‘P3M’ (Project, Programme, Portfolio Management) to deliver superior performance and efficiency. The partnership of Chef and Fastlane Solutions offers Haventec technical solutions and resources to respond quickly to the ever changing demands that a technology startup business goes through as they build and grow their business.

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