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Chef Amazon Web Services & DevSecOps Automation Solutions

Streamline Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevSecOps Pipeline Deployments with Pre-Built Chef Security Resources and Integrations. Build and continually deliver compliant and secure applications and infrastructure decreases time-to-market and reduces cost.


Chef is the Platform for Automating Your Infrastructure on Amazon Web Services

Chef Automate, Chef’s Continuous Automation solution is tightly integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS). If you’re using AWS now, Chef gives you a single, unified way to automate AWS services and resources. If you’re thinking of using AWS, Chef will help you migrate your workloads at your own pace, and with complete control. Together with AWS, Chef helps customers tackle risk and compliance barriers blocking cloud migration.

DevSecOps Whitepaper 2022 rewrite

Comprehensive Configuration Validation and Scaling for Amazon AWS

Chef and Amazon AWS bring everything you need to deliver infrastructure and applications safely and quickly. Give your operations and development teams a common pipeline for building, testing, and deploying infrastructure and applications. Grant your compliance and security teams the reporting and validations they need to ensure.

  • Manage hybrid and multi-cloud environments with the same tools
  • Integrate Chef into the build and release phases of their Azure Pipelines with the Chef extension for AWS DevOps
  • Verify that AWS services and resources are configured according to your organization’s compliance and security policies

DevSecOps for Your AWS Environment

Using modern DevOps, security, and policy-as code principles, securely manage infrastructure configuration and compliance policies at scale. Chef’s native integrations with Azure provide one tool across multi-cloud environments and leverage AWS capabilities.

  • Detect fleet-wide issues and prioritize remediation
  • Easily validate the state of resources for audits
  • Automated management of cloud credits and resources spanning

Provisioning AWS with Chef

Chef provisioning lets you create nodes and configure them, including Amazon EC2 instances. Rather than bringing up individual nodes, you can use Chef provisioning to describe an entire cluster or fleet. You can build your infrastructure as many times as you want in the cloud, on virtual machines in your data center, or even bare metal. Chef provisioning for AWS includes the most used AWS resources.

For example, you can manage Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), security groups, IAM roles, and instance profiles. Chef provisioning can also consume IAM roles so that all the components in the stack that have the appropriate IAM profile are provisioned correctly. You can also manage common AWS services such as Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) and Amazon Route 53.


130+ AWS InSpec Resources

Write Compliance Policies for All Aspects of Cloud Configuration:


Virtual machines


Security groups


Block storage security policies




Identity and access management


Log management

AWS Key Vault Secrets Management Integration  

Chef Infra enables clients to take full advantage of AWS resources across the globe. Clients can use cloud variables like security groups, GEO location, and region to target their Chef configurations, helping to diversify critical workloads and ensure they are properly secured.  


Chef together with Amazon is a great way for companies to make sure that their infrastructure is agile, can scale up and scale down quickly now and stay on top of changes, automate their workflows and release pipelines.

Jonathan Weiss Senior Engineering Manager, Amazon Web Services

We’ve been able to reduce application deployment times from weeks using our former on-premises infrastructure to just minutes using AWS and Chef.

Erik Bursch Vice President for Platform as a Service, Gannett

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