Legacy Application Modernization Solutions

Revitalize legacy applications by repackaging them, applying continuous delivery practices,
and deploying them to cloud-native environments.


All IT Must Be Fast IT. Chef Automate and Chef Habitat Can Help.

Software is the currency that differentiates industry leaders from laggards. From the customer experience to the back office, every part of modern enterprise relies on fast, high-quality software delivery. But much of that software is made up of “legacy” applications that threaten to derail business outcomes. Don’t settle for “bi-modal IT.” Chef Automate and Chef Habitat make it possible to modernize legacy applications so you can get all your applications moving at the speed of today’s businesses.

Consistent Automation in Diverse Environments at Rakuten
– Graham Weldon, Technical Coordinator and Vision Lead at Rakuten

Modernize Applications for Agility and Speed

Enterprises are aggressively adopting modern cloud and container platforms. But rewriting thousands of applications for modern microservice architectures — or replacing them outright – is cost and time prohibitive. And directly lifting-and-shifting legacy applications into new environments merely pushes dealing with the problem down the road. Chef Automate and Chef Habitat allow organizations to modernize and repackage applications to create agility and portability.

Say an application packaging solution allowing deployment to any environment would be valuable

Source: “The State of Apps” Survey and Infographic, Chef, 2018

Universal App Packaging with Chef Habitat

The pain in legacy applications has to do with their management: escalating costs and time spent managing old versions of application frameworks, operating systems, management and monitoring tooling, and everything else needed to keep that business value alive.

Habitat’s technology allows legacy applications to be repackaged in a way that eliminates or reduces the dependencies on old operating systems and middleware. By doing so, Habitat extracts the core application – where the business value lives – and makes it portable to newer environments, including the cloud and containers. This portable, infrastructure-independent application format future-proofs your legacy application modernization investment, allowing you to take advantage of whatever infrastructure innovations come next.

Keep This:

Business App 1

Business App 2

Business App 3

Business App 4

Eliminate or Reduce Dependency on This:

MSVC, COM+, etc.

MS .NET 2.0

IBM WebSphere

Tomcat 6 / Java 7

Eliminate or Reduce Dependency on This:

Windows 2003

Windows 2008 R2

Red Hat Linux 5

Red Hat Linux 6

Furthermore, applications packaged with Habitat provide a uniform management interface and can be continuously delivered in the same way as the most modern microservice-based Habitat applications. Not only does this allow both legacy and modern applications to be managed in the same way, but it truly allows all of IT to move fast.

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