Now Available: ServiceNow CMDB Integration

Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of our integration with ServiceNow’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB). With this release, every time Chef Infra gathers information about a system, it sends that data to an associated Configuration Item (CI) in ServiceNow’s CMDB in addition to Chef Automate. Combined with the existing Incident Management application, Chef ensures consistent visibility across teams and environments.

For more than a decade, Chef Software has provided organizations with solutions to automate the management of their entire estate, enabling IT professionals to configure and maintain rapidly growing environments. Chef’s tools not only define configuration policy, but collect data about each system being managed, which in turn drives powerful, dynamic coded solutions, automatically adjusting configurations to changes in platform, resource availability, or environment. 

Having that same data available within ServiceNow ensures that even as your estate grows, and cloud resources are scaled up and down on demand, your CIs will be updated accordingly, ensuring that your CMDB stays up to date as an authoritative source of truth. 

You can find the Chef Automate CMDB app in the ServiceNow store! To learn more about how to use Chef and ServiceNow together, join Brittany Woods, Automation Engineer at CARFAX for the ChefConf session, Use Data, You Must: Leveraging Chef Data in ServiceNow. And be sure to check out all the other announcements and sessions from ChefConf Online at

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