[eBook] 10 Ways to Optimize Your Chef Infrastructure Automation Investment

Over time, Chef Infrastructure Automation has become more powerful. Be it creating your own custom resources to simplify writing cookbooks or implementing or monitoring real-time data across environments, there is a myriad of ways for you to make the best use of your infrastructure automation. This eBook covers key best practices for creating better automation. 

Download the eBook to learn how to achieve these 10 specific benefits offered by Chef Infra, including:

  • Streamline upgrades and reduce defects
  • Simplify management and reduce maintenance 
  • Increase ROI 
  • Improve manageability and create immutable artifacts 
  • Reusability of resources and ease of use 
  • Rapid lightweight provisioning 
  • Automate deployment and handle security 
  • Faster remediation  
  • Simplify & secure management 
  • Zero dependencies with streamlined compliance checks 

Download this powerful resource and keep the tips handy for all of your future infrastructure automation needs. 

Download “Chef Infra Automation Best Practices User Guide” now! 

Chef Infra Automation User Guide


Piyushree Nagrale

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