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More than half of the security breaches identified in organisations took over 1 month to discover.1 That’s at least 1 month during which the business was left vulnerable to compromising sensitive data, impacting company reputation, and bottom line impact. The average cost to an organisation of a data breach exceeds $3.8m.2

Chef Compliance can provide you with the confidence that your cloud infrastructure is always secure. By using our software to continually scan against industry standard security profiles, or your own specific demands, your team can be alerted to any threats that may impact the integrity of your environments.

Our approach encompasses AWS, Azure, GCP as well as Virtual Machines and Container solutions. Applying the same principles consistently across all platforms gives you a single view of your estate and the confidence of knowing that your data is secure. We can even provide automated remediation of the identified areas of vulnerability.

We are offering a free compliance scan that will provide you with instant feedback as to the state of your cloud implementation and actionable recommendations.

You may be surprised by the results!

1Ponemon Institute’s 2018 “Cost of a Data Breach Study”

2Verizon Data Breach Report 2019

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