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Continuous Delivery for the Continuous Enterprise

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Continuous Delivery with Chef Enterprise Automation Stack

Organizations that build distinctive skills as digital businesses will be the leaders in the coming years and will outperform their peers, industries, and markets. In order to succeed in the digital world businesses, one must be able to continuously deliver value through the software they deploy, and not only that but also deliver software at speed, with efficiency and low risk.

For organizations not born in the digital age, this requires:

  • Operating in a hybrid reality
  • A shift to product-led development teams
  • A move to automated pipelines and DevSecOps

Delivering software at speed in the midst of these shifts requires a consistent approach to delivering infrastructure, application, and compliance automation regardless of the IT environment.

This in-depth white paper discusses how Chef helps enterprise IT teams supporting large and complex environments to continuously deliver applications and infrastructure that are secure by design to any environment. Download the white paper.

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