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2021: Everything you need to know about Continuous Delivery with Chef

Modern day DevOps is made up of a mixture of pipelines and tools, which have commonly become known as Continuous Delivery (CD). CD is a set of capabilities that enable application and DevOps teams to get changes of all types into production quickly, safely, and reliably. Using pipelines, organizations define a consistent path to production where changes are peer reviewed, automatically tested, and audited as they make their way to production.

Watch this webinar series to see real world use cases where Chef is helping DevOps and Application Delivery teams further their adoption of continuous delivery pipelines. This series will also showcase other solutions that Chef has built supported integrations with.

Watch the on-demand sessions:

  • Test Driven Development with Chef: Learn how you can apply TDD principles to the delivery of infrastructure and compliance policies.
  • DevTest Environment Management with Chef: Learn how you can centrally define DevTest environments, track changes, view dependencies and see the status of environments in real time.
  • The Secrets Out: Chef and Akeyless: Learn how you can choose a Secrets Management solution to manage digital authentication credentials with Chef/Akeyless integration.
  • Chef and Jenkins: Better Together: Learn how you can reduce Jenkins Scripting up to 60% with Chef.
  • Moving Security and Sanity Left by Testing Terraform with Chef InSpec: Learn how you can use Chef InSpec for testing Terraform.

Additional Resources:

  • White Paper: Continuous Delivery for Continuous Enterprises
  • Blog: What is Application Definition
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