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5 Best Practices for Mitigating Configuration Risks for DevOps

Watch the webinar where we’ll explore best practices for mitigating configuration risks and raising the bar on compliance.

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Microsoft research shows that 80% of security breaches are caused by configuration management issues

OWASP has recognized the importance by moving security misconfiguration up in their top 10 list. 

Why? Because misconfiguration can happen at any level within the application stack – web server, app server, database, OS, VMs, containers, etc. And also, in any location – cloud or on-premise servers, edge, etc. 

Most people assume that traditional security tools like Pen Testing or Static/dynamic testing is the answer. While they can play a role, the best approach is extending your DevOps configuration management to include automated checks and remediation.

Watch the webinar to explore best practices to mitigate configuration risks to dramatically improve your security posture. Our technical experts will dive into the following topics:

  • Understanding how security misconfigurations can affect your organization
  • Assessing your applications' compliance with security and governance policies before pushing changes to build and release pipelines
  • Scanning and reporting on any system, regardless of how it was configured 
  • Balancing the need for speed while meeting security and compliance requirements
  • Share some best practices tips while implementing Compliance Management

Watch the webinar and enjoy your favorite beverage as we dive into a technical discussion on how to mitigate configuration risks in DevOps. Discover the best practices for effectively addressing security misconfigurations and raising the bar on compliance and improve your organization's security posture.

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Presented By:

Shua Matin

Senior Manager, Product Marketing
Progress Software

Lokesh Kannaiyan

Senior Product Manager
Progress Software

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