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7 Key Considerations When Choosing a Continuous Compliance Solution

Watch our webinar, where we’ll explore key tips and suggestions when evaluating a continuous compliance solution.

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As IT ecosystems become more complex, security misconfigurations are more likely to happenAccording to Microsoft’s Cyber Signals report, 80% of ransomware can be attributed to configuration errors in software and devices. While organizations are aware of the impact of misconfigurations, they face many challenges in managing continuous security and compliance.  

Security and compliance in DevOps are more critical than ever as organizations continue to develop and deploy software that needs to align with regulations, industry standards and internal policies. DevOps teams must also implement appropriate security policies and frameworks.  

To achieve continuous compliance, many organizations are adopting a Policy-as-Code approach by codifying security and compliance policies and automatically enforcing them. 

Watch our webinar, where Progress Chef team leaders, Shua Matin, Senior Product Marketing Manager and Lokesh Kannaiyan, Senior Product Manager will discuss the strategies for: 

  • Selecting a continuous compliance automation solution for your organization 
  • Mitigating compliance risks for your organization 
  • Simplifying compliance with different benchmarks and standards 
  • Adopting a Policy-as-Code approach to help maintain compliance 

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Presented By:

Shua Matin

Senior Manager, Product Marketing
Progress Software

Lokesh Kannaiyan

Senior Product Manager
Progress Software

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