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A Guide for Testing Docker Containers with InSpec

Get started with Testing Docker Containers with Chef InSpec

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Containers use less computing space are faster and easier to deploy than traditional infrastructure. They also introduce interdependencies and complexity for serious security consequences.  

While this creates an opportunity to shift security left and build bridges between development, operations, and security, it also creates challenges for addressing security for new tools continually being introduced. Making sure images and containers perform the way you want is an integral part of the software development cycle. Chef InSpec allows you to scan running Docker containers to ensure they are running based on the correct images, appropriate ports, running proper commands, and more. Learn how to test Docker containers with Chef InSpec in this interactive webinar hosted by John Tonello, a Progress Chef Technical Marketing Manager. John will highlight demos and explore tying the results of what the code should accomplish with code examples. 

Join the discussion with John S Tonello, Product Marketing Manager Progress Chef . The webinar will cover

  • Learn how to validate running containers, images, and hosts 
  • How to ensure your images and containers perform the way you want 
  • Showcases scheduling scans for continuous compliance  

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Presented By:


John Tonello

Technical Product Marketing Manager
Progress Software

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