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A Multi-Cloud Architecture Guide

Utilizing Cloud Chef Cookbooks, Custom Recipes to Achieve Your Goals

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As your applications grow and become more complex with multi-cloud infrastructures, it’s easy to feel a sense of panic about the risks to your environment. As your list of worries grows, you must ensure your systems follow policies and regulatory standards, are optimized for your workloads. Reporting gives you the insights you need to take action on any problems.

Chef Workstation with InSpec is an easy-to-understand and customizable code framework that does the job for you. With as little as a single Chef Cookbook and Recipe, you can achieve your goals even when dealing with different cloud architectures.

Join the discussion with Akshay Parvatikar, Senior Technical Product Marketing Specialist . The webinar will cover

  • Set up and install Workstation-a collection of tools that enables you to create, test, and run Chef code
  • Configure, Verify, and Bootstrap AWS, Azure, and GCP Nodes and Cloud Platform Instances
  • How to Use Custom Resources, Chef Cookbook, basic recipes, and profiles

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Presented By:

Akshay Parvatikar

Technical Product Marketing Manager
Progress Chef

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