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Are Scripts Slowing Down System Admins? Codify Your Fleet Instead!

Simplify device management with code

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Most IT teams write scripts to get around fleet management tasks that are time-consuming, need customizations, or are not available out-of-the-box from a Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool. Automating specific endpoint management workflows also requires scripting.  

Scripting, however, poses challenges: 
  • Scripts do not work consistently, behaving differently when run from a terminal and through MDMs 
  • Debugging scripts is not easy 
  • Maintaining scripts for a large fleet is not optimal 
  • Scripts can be lengthy and may have to run repetitively when the same task needs to be executed across multiple platforms 
  • Scripts need to be well-tested before deploying  
  • IT teams could be running some scripts out of the box, untracked 

    Chef Desktop can be used to describe the state of your endpoints. Any changes to the code can be thoroughly tested before deployment. Extending Chef Desktop to manage your endpoints lets you set up an SDLC process that audits changes and makes maintenance easier. It enables IT teams to be more productive by getting things done faster. 

    Join the discussion with Nischal Reddy, Senior Product Manager and Sudeep Charles, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Progress Chef Desktop. The webinar will cover

    • Challenges with scripting that professionals face while managing devices .
    • How you can avoid repetitive scripting by configuring endpoints with reviewable code .
    • Recommendations for implementing this approach in your organizations .


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Presented By:

Sudeep Charles

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Chef Desktop

Nischal Reddy

Product Manager, Principal

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