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DevTest Environment Management with Chef

Centrally define DevTest environments and see the status of environments in real time.

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A key challenge faced during the adoption of DevOps and Agile practices is how to scale and manage the delivery of Developer and QA test environments. Incomplete, unreliable, and untimely test environments result in time delays, losses in productivity, lower quality software and frustration to business stake holders.  

Chef helps application delivery teams overcome these challenges by enabling supporting DevOps teams to provide on-demand DevTest environments at scale. Chef eliminates the need for individual developers to configure their own test environments, ensures that DevTest and production environments are in sync with one another and that managers can see the status of all environments in real-time. 

Check out the on-demand webinar to learn about:

  • Current DevTest Environment Trends and Challenges
  • Chef’s Approach to DevTest Environment Management
  • How Clients like Panera, Walmart and Others Have Improved Application Delivery using Chef’s approach to DevTest Environment Management

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Presented By:


Heather Peyton

Senior Product Marketing Manager
Progress Software


Trevor Hess

Senior Product Manager
Progress Software

John Tonello

John S. Tonello

Senior Technical Marketing Manager
Progress Chef

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