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Fast & Reliable Edge Computing Automation with Chef

Drive Business Agility at the Edge

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Edge devices pose unique challenges to application delivery and supporting operations teams. Many traditional solutions that work at the corporate level fail to translate at the device level. Network latency and bandwidth constraints cause deployments to fail without notice, and when multiple configurations are used, production environments are difficult to mimic in development and builds fail for unknown reasons.

Chef enables teams supporting edge computing devices to eliminate deployment failures and accelerate release schedules by providing a comprehensive automation solution that includes configuration, hardening, patch management, and application delivery. Join Eric Calabretta, Lead Solution Architect at Chef, for an on-demand webinar to learn how to eliminate delivery failures, accelerate deployment frequency, and drive business agility at the edge.

Watch on-demand to learn:

  • The core challenges for edge device management and why many solutions fail to address them
  • How Chef helps customers eliminate delivery failures and increase release frequency cycles on the edge
  • Real-world results from current Chef customers

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Presented By:


Eric Calabretta

Lead Solution Architect
Progress Software

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