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Fleet  Automation for Windows, Linux, and Mac systems with Chef

Take control of your heterogeneous endpoint configurations through Chef Desktop

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Netflix, Facebook, and industry  experts  discuss how  they  use Chef to manage their fleet of laptops and desktops remotely.  Chef enables configuring laptops/desktops by defining infrastructure as code, making the process of managing configurations and system state automated and testable. System configuration and application change testing can be done in parallel, so system states are easily enforced and monitored across all infrastructure and teams. Users define configurations once and can apply them across mixed fleets of Linux, Mac, and Windows systems, regardless of operating systems, version, and architecture. 

Join the webinar on December 15, 8.30AM PT with Netflix and others as they discuss: 

  • Challenges that needed remote desktop and laptop management and compliance
  • Why Chef’s fleet automation solutions made sense 
  • Use cases and patterns that you can replicate 
  • Industry trends and the way forward 
  • Key takeaways and benefits 

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