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Identity and Access Management in Chef Automate

Enforce Effective Role-Based Access Control

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Chef Automate provides a single view into everything you manage, from application deployment to infrastructure configuration to security and compliance auditing. As environments grow larger and more complex, it becomes ever more important to provide role-based access to environments across the users and teams that manage them.

Chef Automate Identity and Access Management gives us powerful tools for doing just that! With the ability to define per-project access controls to users and teams, it's easier than ever to make sure each stakeholder in your organization has the level of access they need. In this webinar, Nick Rycar, Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager at Chef, will provide an overview of Chef's IAM capabilities, and will demonstrate how users with differing levels of access interact with Chef Automate.

Watch on-demand to learn:

  • The problems solved by Chef Automate IAM
  • How Projects and Teams are configured in Chef Automate
  • How different personas interact with Chef Automate

Presented By:


Nick Rycar

Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager
Progress Software

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