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Making Zero Touch Enrollment Across Platforms A Reality

IT and Employee Productivity for a Distributed Workforce

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Distributed workforces and reduced IT resource spending have led to multiple challenges, including: 

  • A manual, time consuming provisioning of new laptops or desktops for new employees. It typically involves ISO images and a whole lot of wasted time.
  • An increasing IT resource footprint and a stretched IT team invariably lead to challenges in maintaining continuous compliance

Chef Desktop enables organizations to apply a consistent approach to automate the deployment, management and continuous compliance to their IT resources like laptops, desktops, and kiosk workstations from a centralized location. Gain visibility into the health of your entire fleet from a single pane of glass on a range of operating systems (macOS, Windows, Linux).  


Join us on Wednesday August 26th at 09:00 AM PT to learn about:

  • Outline current challenges that IT teams face with implementing fleet-wide zero touch
  • Ilustrate how Chef Desktop implements principles of the ‘coded enterprise’
  • Demonstrate a scenario of how you can implement zero-touch with Chef Desktop

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Presented By:

Sudeep Charles

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Chef Desktop

Nischal Reddy

Product Manager, Principal

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