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Manage your IT Resource Fleet at Scale Through Automation

Take control of your endpoint configuration through automation

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The fleet of end-user devices grows as organizations scale. Adding to this growth are geographically distributed teams, an increasing number of remote employees, and BYOD.  IT teams are tasked with setting up multiple configurations in a large number of devices. They need to constantly monitor the fleet and remediate non-compliant devices to ensure that the fleet remains secure. These tasks could be repetitive and may need to be customized for specific purposes.  IT teams perform these tasks manually, which is time-consuming and error-prone. 

Automation is essential for organizations to standardize processes, increase employee productivity and avoid losses due to inevitable human mistakes. Automated detection of configuration drifts and quick remediation can only be achieved with the automated management of fleets.  

Check out the on-demand version of our Desktop Webinar to learn about:

  • Highlight workflows that provide a common pipeline for compliance and dependency management
  • Enable you to use tools to glean deep insights into the workings of your organization, including serverless chef-client runs and data from multiple Chef servers
  • Enable you to set up automated compliance assessments in your workflow pipelines

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Presented By:

Sudeep Charles

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Chef Desktop

Nischal Reddy

Product Manager, Principal

Chaithra Mailankody

Associate Product Manager, Chef Desktop

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