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Mitigate Risk By Shifting Security Left

Achieve Security & Compliance Through Code

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Security compliance is a continuous process. A lack of understanding of all the changing technologies and different communication processes can lead to increased vulnerabilities and risk. IT teams spend an incredible amount of time remediating and re-aligning operational environments and it’s difficult for security teams to keep up with the pace of innovation, often causing audit cycles and development pipelines to be lengthier than necessary.

Through automation and machine learning, teams can spend more time examining specific environments and refining a security policy that teaches the environment to harden itself. In this on-demand webinar, Chris Medina, Lead Solutions Architect, and Gregory Sloan, Solutions Architect at Chef, showcase how DevSecOps can speed innovation and save you time, money, and effort, all while mitigating risk.

Watch on-demand to learn how:

  • “Compliance as code” can speed alignment and provide visibility
  • To increase risk mitigation posture and heighten anomaly inspection
  • To protect the mobile desktop when off network

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Presented By:


Chris Medina

Solution Architect Sr. Manager
Progress Software


Gregory Sloan

Solutions Architect
Progress Software

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