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Roundtable: Compliance as Code

The New Frontier in Compliance Automation

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DevSecOps practices accelerate the pace of digital transformation but introduce new challenges to maintaining compliance. Traditional approaches risk slowing software delivery, exacerbating audit pain, and leaving organizations with an incomplete view of compliance posture.

Fortunately, Code serves as a common source of truth, shared as a common language among the teams and can be used to codify infrastructure configuration, security and compliance.

In this roundtable webinar, Chris Medina - Director Public Sector Practice – Chef at Progress Software and AJ Yawn – Co-Founder and CEO at ByteChek will discuss Compliance as Code and how it can be used to reach compliance automation.

Watch On-Demand to:

  • Understand what Compliance as Code really means
  • Learn how Compliance as Code can help deliver continuous compliance
  • Explore how Compliance as Code can impact organizations from different highly regulated industries

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Presented By:


Alan Baptista

Product Marketing Manager
Progress Software


Chris Medina

Solution Architect Sr. Manager
Progress Software


AJ Yawn

Co-Founder and CEO

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