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SaaS vs On Prem - Choosing the Right Security Tooling for Your Organization

Watch our webinar to know more about Chef SaaS with CSPM and Compliance.

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IT and network teams often use multiple tools and services to better maintain security posture and mitigate threats. This can lead to a massive and often disorganized sets of tools, which can negatively impact the effectiveness of employee-led security practices. 

Our webinar, SaaS vs On Prem – Choosing the Right Security Tooling for Your Organization, provides insight into the advantages of SaaS and hosted security toolsets. DevOps administrators, managers and their respective teams can also learn how to consolidate these tools with Progress® Chef®.  

Chef experts, Lokesh Kannaiyan, Senior Product Manager and Shua Matin, Senior Product Marketing Manager, will provide an overview of Chef SaaS with CSPM and Compliance and discuss the following topics:  

  • Determining the essential tools to help you maintain security for your organization  
  • Understanding SaaS market trends and SaaS-based security tooling 
  • Using Chef SaaS best practices to help strengthen cloud and on-premises infrastructures
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Presented By:

Lokesh Kannaiyan

Senior Product Manager
Progress Software

Shua Matin

Senior Manager, Product Marketing
Progress Software

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