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Speed Matters: Secure Your Infrastructure with Chef

Zero to Compliance in 60 Minutes

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Driving compliance with your organization’s auditing and security needs shouldn’t be painful. Chef Effortless Infrastructure Suite combines the automation powers of Chef Infra and Chef InSpec to give you a reference architecture to turbocharge your security and compliance initiatives and to harden your existing systems continuously and reliably. With a few lines of code, you’ll eliminate hours of manual labor and provide actionable insights into the health of the systems you manage.

In this webinar, Developer Advocates Jody Wolfborn and Robin Beck, will help you utilize Chef Effortless Infrastructure Suite to easily detect vulnerabilities in your infrastructure systems and quickly correct any outstanding issues, relieving your audit anxiety and freeing your engineers up to focus on company initiatives.

Watch on-demand to learn how to:

  • Use Chef Effortless Infrastructure Suite to secure your infrastructure
  • Speed up your audits with Chef Automate
  • Unify your security practices with Chef Habitat, Chef Infra, and Chef InSpec

Presented By:


Jody Wolfborn

Developer Advocate
Progress Software


Robin Beck

Developer Advocate
Progress Software

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