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The Impact of Infrastructure Automation: Real Examples

Watch the webinar and learn more about the impact of infrastructure automation in organizations like yours and how you too can reap the benefits.

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Infrastructure automation is not just a buzzword; it is a necessity for organizations seeking to optimize processes, enhance scalability, and accelerate innovation. Join us for an engaging webinar that dives into the world of Infrastructure Automation. You will hear directly from Joe Nuspl, Principal Engineer from Workday, who will share his experiences on their path to Operational Compliance.

This session is tailored for IT professionals and leaders from the DevOps and IT Ops domains that are eager to understand the transformative potential of Infrastructure Automation.

Joe Nuspl will be joined by experts from Progress Chef to walk you through the concepts of Infrastructure Automation and discuss how large, successful organizations employ automation to improve efficiency and productivity of IT processes and teams. Gain a comprehensive understanding of infrastructure-as-code and how automation helps streamline operations and enhance scalability. We will also discuss some key capabilities of Chef that help large IT teams be more productive by fostering collaboration and offering robust, flexible, platform-agnostic automation.

In today’s complex IT ecosystems, automation is critical to success. Watch this webinar and learn:

  • Learn How Infrastructure Automation Is Vital to Success
  • Explore Extending Automation to Your Security & Compliance Efforts
  • Learn Best Practice from a Real Practitioner: Workday’s Joe Nuspl

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