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The Secrets Out: Chef and Akeyless

Reduce infrastructure costs and complexity with enterprise-wide approach to Secrets Mgmnt

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Secrets Management is a segment of DevSecOps tools and methods that are used to manage digital authentication credentials that include things like passwords, keys, APIs, and tokens for use in applications, services, use access and other restricted IT operations. Thanks to the growth of component-based systems and hybrid environments the number of secrets companies have to manage is exploding and becoming increasingly chaotic. Controlling the chaos requires DevSecOps teams to figure out how to authenticate, validate, assign privileged access and secure identifies for both human and machines as part of automated pipelines.

This Chef/Akeyless integrations provides Chef customers with a comprehensive secrets management solution that is easy to implement alongside Chef tools. Because the Akeyless platform is SaaS-based, the Chef/Akeyless solution offers betters scale and performance gains over self-managed solutions which require users to implement and maintain the technology. In addition, unlike public cloud native secret managers, the Chef/Akeyless solution is cloud agnostic and easy to interface with 3rd party platforms, enabling a hybrid cloud approach to manage all your secrets from a single pane of glass.

Check out our on-demand webinar to learn about:
  • Key considerations for choosing a Secrets Management Solution
  • Chef/Akeyless Approaches Secrets Management Solution
  • How Chef and Akeyless Work Together

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Presented By:

Ori Mankali

VP - R&D


Trevor Hess

Senior Product Manager
Progress Software

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