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Every Year ChefConf
Delivers the Best

The best content, the best connections, and the  best  foundation to  build on for  the next year.

Discover New Chef Features and Capabilities

Understand how Chef can optimize your DevOps journey.

Learn From the Chef Community and Practitioners

Discuss use cases and customer success stories.    Share. Learn. Grow.

Interact With Thought Leaders and Industry Experts

Learn about new DevSecOps trends and technologies . 

Get Ready to Accelerate Your DevOps Journey

ChefConf is where the greatest DevOps and DevSecOps minds meet. The annual conference brings together two industry-leading events and a new-to-Progress executive forum under a single roof— Progress360.

The event provides the Chef community and DevOps professionals an opportunity to dive into the latest innovations and practices. Infrastructure management, cloud security, continuous delivery, compliance automation, and product roadmaps. ChefConf has you covered.

Join us virtually and talk with some of the best and brightest DevSecOps leaders across various industries. We are putting together a unique experience designed for top leadership teams, practitioners, and community members to connect with Chef experts, peers, and a wide array of solution providers. Together, explore industry-shaping insights, keynotes from Progress senior leadership and more.

Together, explore industry-shaping insight in an unforgettable atmosphere of excitement and camaraderie beyond the possibilities of a screen.

  • Keynotes from Progress senior leadership 
  • Open format discussions with engineering and product decision makers
  • Private break-out rooms 
  • Interactive Discovery Progress Zone
  • Impromptu and planned peer networking
  • In-the-moment insights

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