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The best content, the best connections, and the  best  foundation to  build on for  the next year.

ChefConf is designed from the ground up to deliver the strategies, tactics, and insights for transformational application delivery organizations.

Our annual ChefConf event brings DevOps pros from leading organizations around the world together to dive into the latest innovations in DevOps practices and the Progress® Chef® portfolio.

You’ll get the practical knowledge you need to solve real-world challenges in infrastructure management, continuous delivery, and compliance automation.

Learn about automation benefits and opportunities for organizations and individuals 

Get practical tips from DevOps leaders who drive change in organizations of all sizes  

Dig into new Chef product capabilities  

Explore how to get the most from your Chef investment 

Learn about Progress Software’s vision for Chef and the DevOps market 

Connect and network with your peers and leaders in the Chef community 


The DevOps conference you
don't want to miss!