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ChefConf '22 FAQs

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Where will ChefConf be held this year?

ChefConf ‘22 will be a virtual event this year taking place from September 12-13. This event will be hosted on

What will ChefConf ‘22 consist of for sessions?

The event will feature live and on-demand content, Q&A, demos, and tutorials to help new and expert Chef practitioners.

Will content from ChefConf ‘22 be available on-demand?

Yes, absolutely! All sessions will be recorded and made available online in the Resource Hub after the event.

What does ChefConf ‘22 cost?

Chef Conf ‘22 is free Emoji with the form of Boston sea port picture to attend for all. All registrants have the option to contribute $25 which will be donated to a charity announced at the event.

I received a pass in my contract. Can I use it at ChefConf 2022?

Yes. While registering online, you will be able to use this pass to register for the event.

How do I reach out for more information?

Just send a quick note to with your questions and we will be happy to help.

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