Chef Roadshow 2024

Connect. Explore. Thrive.

Join us on a global tour, uniting customers from various locations for a unique opportunity to connect and gain insights into what’s cooking with Chef.

Coming to a city near you

Discover the insights you need to solve your most complex business challenges when Chef Roadshow comes to cities around the globe in 2024. These one-day events are packed with learning from experts and customers in each part of the world, networking with peers and partners, and new developments in cloud infrastructure, configuration management, compliance and more. Join us to be inspired by Chef’s executives and visionary leaders as they share why organisations like yours are turning to Chef to help them grow and succeed.

Secure your spot to see:

  • How other customers are achieving success with Chef
  • Live demo on Chef Courier (BETA) for seamless job orchestration
  • New Chef trainings and certifications
  • How to simplify infrastructure compliance in 2024
  • How to turn Configuration Management into a competitive advantage

Meet Us in These Locations

In 2024, Chef Roadshow is coming to your cities. Mark your calendar for the destination near you.

June 18, 2024



Event has ended


San Francisco, CA

United States

Past Events

April 9, 2024



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April 17, 2024


United Kingdom

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May 23, 2024

Chicago, IL

United States

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June 11, 2024

Austin, TX

United States

Event has ended

Why Attend?

Chef Roadshow '24 provides a dedicated platform for all our customers to meet the people behind their favorite products, delve into the nuances of the latest DevOps challenges, unleash the full potential of their solutions and obtain insights from DevSecOps experts on emerging practices in DevOps and cybersecurity.

Customer talk

Learn from leading companies’ use cases of Chef adoption.

What’s new with Chef?

Get a glimpse of the Chef Roadmap.

Meet automation enthusiasts

Meet peers, customers, and partners in one place.

Meeting with technical experts

Meet the people behind the product you love.

Learn from industry experts

Discover the latest innovations in enterprise technology.

Networking and entertainment

Network with industry leaders and like-minded professionals.

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