Chef and HP Enterprise

Chef is HP Enterprise’s (HPE) chosen automation platform for managing customer infrastructure and ensuring compliant environments.

See Chef on Stage at HPE Discover

Integrating HPE and Chef in multiple ways

From the floor of HPE discover, Chef’s CTO and co-founder, Adam Jacob, talks with HPE’s Senior VP/GM, Software Defined & Cloud Group, Ric Lewis. They discuss the world of hybrid infrastructure and how the multiple integrations between Chef and HPE make managing those hybrid environments simpler.

Intergration points with Chef and HPE

Chef Automate: automating HPE Synergy safely

Chef and HPE have partnered to develop joint a reference architecture and related cookbooks supporting HPE Synergy – an integrated composable infrastructure platform that bridges traditional and new applications. Chef offerings provide continuous automation for infrastructure and application layers while also expressing compliance as code allowing problems to be detected early and corrected.

Chef Automate helps overcome complexity to build, manage and deploy better, faster and safer. Customers can get control over all nodes in their network, whether they’re physical, virtual, in the cloud, or even container instances. Plus Chef can manage Windows, and almost any flavor of Linux. Get speed, scale and consistency with Chef.

Download the Synergy and Chef Reference Configuration

Chef technology integration with HPE OneView

The partnership between HPE and Chef seamlessly integrates Chef technology with HPE OneView to help companies of all sizes manage their IT infrastructure. HPE OneView acts as a dashboard to manage infrastructure at scale by providing the basics of getting your system ready for the client. Once the systems are ready, companies can use Chef’s automation platform to provision infrastructure assets. Chef is the secret ingredient supporting many household brands – in fact, more than half of the Fortune 50 are Chef customers. By bringing together the two products, companies such as Dreamworks can leverage Chef’s prebuilt “recipes” to configure a server from the ground up, while using HPE OneView to improve IT collaboration and deploy infrastructure assets faster.

Chef and HP Enterprise enable customers to transform their business with automation.

  • Reliably deploy and manage both data center and the cloud
  • Accelerate cloud adoption and manage multiple cloud environments
  • Simplify IT operations using a single software-defined infrastructure for physical, virtual and containerized workloads
  • Automate everyday operations eliminating costly silos and freeing up resources
  • Deploy in a matter of hours vs weeks
  • Monitor for adherence to policy in any stage of deployment

Download OneView Integration Whitepaper