“At some point you have to deal with reality.” – Chef for Config Mgmt @Facebook

As most of you in the Community already know, Facebook uses Opscode Private Chef to automate configuration management for its ‘Carl Sagan big’ infrastructure. That’s very cool, but also pretty widely known.

Today, we published a new angle to the story. If you follow this link (or click the video below), you’ll see a two-minute video of Phil Dibowitz, Production Engineer at Facebook, digging into Facebook’s IT philosophy, his thoughts on why automation makes so much sense (whether you have three servers, or three million), and why Facebook chose Chef in the first place.

As Phil says, “At some point you have to deal with reality. You can postpone automation for a long time and make your life really, really difficult. But at some point your life goes from difficult to impossible.”

For a deep dive into Facebook’s infrastructure, IT philosophy, and work with Chef, check out Phil’s keynote, “Scaling Systems Configuration at Facebook,” from #ChefConf 2013 here.

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll have many more videos of some pretty awesome Chefs discussing the shift to the coded business from a number of unique perspectives.

If you’d like to better understand the benefits of the Coded Business, the changes needed to become one, and how Chef enables those changes, be sure to check out our webinar with Forrester analyst Glenn O’Donnell, our CTO Christopher Brown, and Rob Cummings, Infrastructure Engineer at Nordstrom, on Thur., June 27, at 11 am PT, entitled, “Building a Coded Business: Culture, Tools, and the Need for Speed.” Register today.

Code Can (automate tons of servers).

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee