Chef Board of Governance – Election Results

The votes are in and we have elected our final members for the Chef Board of Governance (CBGB). We will be meeting on a quarterly basis to provide input and formal recommendations regarding the project scope.

Please join me in congratulating everyone who has been elected!

Project Lead

(4) Users/Contributors

An organization that uses Chef and that has published at least one use case; and/or (b) an individual contributor to the Project who is not a Company employee or Corporate Contributor.

(4) Corporate Contributors

A company that (a) is one of the top eight companies in terms of non-trivial pull requests in the past six months as measured by contributions by all employees; (b) a company that has employees as Maintainers who make significant contributions to the Project; and (c) has committed to integrate Chef software into its products.

(3) Lieutenants
Someone who (a) is willing to perform the duties of a Lieutenant; (b) receives an absolute majority of affirmative votes of existing Lieutenants; and (c) is approved as a Lieutenant by the Project Lead.

You can find all the details about how the board will work in the Chef Board of Governance RFC.

Nathen Harvey

As the VP of Community Development at Chef, Nathen helps the community whip up an awesome ecosystem built around the Chef framework. Nathen also spends much of his time helping people learn about the practices, processes, and technologies that support DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and Web-scale IT. Prior to joining Chef, Nathen spent a number of years managing operations and infrastructure for a number of web applications. Nathen is a co-host of the Food Fight Show, a podcast about Chef and DevOps.