Chef is one of the best companies to work for (and with)

Chef is proud to announce that last week it was named as Washington’s 10th Best Company* to work for according to Seattle Business Magazine. This is in addition to being named the #22 best Small-Medium sized company to work for in 2017 by Glassdoor. #amazing!

Awards are great. We love awards here at Chef! But you know what we love more? We love being able to work at a company that trusts and empowers us to do the things we need to do make the lives of IT users more delightful. We are all treated as more than “just an employee” with deadlines and metrics to meet, but as capable, whip-smart people who can make the right decisions to drive our business forward.

We use a lot of really great words and different ways to describe what’s awesome about working at Chef, but what resonates with me the most when I think about why Chef really is the best, it’s the atmosphere and practice of trust and transparency, freedom and responsibility.

We start with trust and assume positive intent. It makes it easy to trust that everyone has your and the company’s best interest in mind when you start from here. This, in turn, makes it easy to be and to expect transparency. People can only make the best decisions for those IT users on the other end of our software when they have all the relevant information available to them. To support this, we have set up several business practices that ensure feedback is gathered and shared back across the company broadly. For example, we have monthly all-hands meetings where business results are shared across the company, and all employees are encouraged to voice their highest praise and nitty-grittiest grips in our quarterly employee engagement surveys.

We are an open workplace where employees are given the freedom to ask questions, learn and explore; to experiment, fail, and try again. This freedom can only work in a business when it’s balanced with responsibility — individual and shared. We all need to know where we’re going, how we’re going to get there, and make sure we do what we have to do to make it happen.

As CEO Barry Crist likes to say: “Enjoy the work.” And at Chef, as our awards will attest, we really, truly do.

You know what? We think you will enjoy the work here too. Come check out our open jobs:

*Medium size business headquartered in Washington category

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Rachel Cougan

Former Chef Employee