Deploy Applications with HPE OneSphere and Chef Automate

HPE Discover gets underway this week and it’s a great opportunity to see how HPE and Chef seamlessly integrate to help companies of all sizes manage their IT infrastructure. Chef and HPE’s enterprise systems encourage modern day cloud velocity to get your organization on the path towards digital transformation.

With Chef and HPE, you can add configuration management and compliance to workloads managed by OneSphere, for example:

  • Virtual machines created by OneSphere APIs can be attached to Chef Automate for configuration management
  • Applications can be deployed in an infrastructure agnostic manner with Habitat
  • Virtual machines can be scanned for compliance using Inspec

HPE OneSphere is a hybrid cloud management platform that provides complete enterprise overview spanning private data centers, as well as public clouds like AWS and Microsoft Azure. Insights provided by HPE OneSphere help manage spending for private and public infrastructure. It is easy to get started with its rich set of APIs that enable you to quickly create server deployments for your applications. You can take advantage of the integration between HPE OneSphere and Habitat to easily create deployments that can be managed by Chef Automate server.

Check out our guest post on HPE to walk through a sample architecture that can be easily implemented with use of APIs. It details key steps to efficiently deploy a web application using Habitat such that its infrastructure virtual machines can be connected to Chef Automate server as soon as they are created via HPE OneSphere APIs.

Learn more about Chef and HPE

  • Visit Chef at HPE Discover in Las Vegas at Pathfinder booth #808
  • Attend our sessions at HPE Discover:
    • “Build and manage infrastructures and applications while maintaining compliance using Chef solutions and HPE Synergy”
      • Technical dive: Tuesday at 10am in Discussion Forum 3 and Wednesday at noon in Discussion Forum 1
      • Business perspective: Tuesday at noon in the Pathfinder Theater and Wednesday at 4pm in the Pathfinder Theater
  • Read the Reference Architecture paper: “HPE Reference Configuration for accelerating DevOps with HPE Synergy and Chef Automate

Mudassar Shafique

Mudassar is a Partner Solutions Architect at Chef Software. He is focused on helping partners successfully integrate with Chef suite. Mudassar’s expertise include infrastructure automation, cloud and enterprise integration, combined with about two decades of industry experience in IT, consulting and software development. Mudassar is based in Seattle and a great fan of Northwest scenic drives.