“Automation for Education” – Webinar on May 8th

Are you managing IT infrastructure within a University and looking to add automation? This webinar is for you.

Over the last few years, we have seen Chef starting to make waves within the hallowed halls of many fine institutions of higher learning. With Chef, IT teams at various Universities are adding consistency and scalability to server configurations, migrating to/from public clouds, and delivering new systems and applications faster than ever.

These include:

  • The team at Marshall University who breezily manage a large and diverse collection of applications and infrastructure ranging from internal ERP implementations to vendor-supplied embedded appliances across both Linux and Windows stacks. With Chef, the Thundering Herd is immune from…a Thundering Herd (ouch).
  • The University of Minnesota, who manage a sophisticated set of web-based research applications, mission-critical student tools, compute clusters, and more. These Golden Gophers have eschewed Golden Images in favor of platform-agnostic, scalable and repeatable Chef recipes.
  • The Wharton School at the UPenn, who get down to business with Hosted Chef for everything from application servers and developer workflow tools to DNS, student mail services, and web-based platforms for financial research. These many services run across physical, virtual and public cloud infrastructure.

While the Chef proliferation itself seems rather new, our University expertise is not. Opscode’s engineering and consulting teams have over 30 years of direct experience in University IT departments.

We are excited to explore these topics and use cases as part of our first ever Chef webinar for higher education. If you are interested in how your team can do more with less and say “yes” to valuable new initiatives, please join us. This webinar will be hosted by  Sanjay Modi, the IT Technical Director from Penn’s Wharton School and Opscode’s very own Chris McClimans, formerly the Director of IT at Texas Tech University.

WHEN: Wednesday May 8th at 10am PT


Bryan Hale

Former Chef Employee