Happy Birthday, Apache2 Cookbook!

Last year, we celebrated Chef’s 10th birthday. A lot can happen in ten years, but a lot also stays the same. One of our other projects that is nearly as old as Chef Infra itself is the Apache2 cookbook. For folks who were managing their Apache2 installations with Chef when Lady Gaga’s Poker Face was topping the charts, your old friend is still here for you.

Old software doesn’t really age like wine, or cheese, or your original New-In-Box Star Wars toys from the 1970s. Care and patience are required to continuously update to new platforms and libraries. The Apache2 cookbook has been lovingly maintained by over 120 collaborators through 71 versions, and was recently brought up to date with the latest tooling by Awesome Community Chef Dan Webb. Thanks Dan! 

Your Chef Infra cookbooks give you a versioned pathway from old to new on your platforms. Lock down to a classic old release when you’re not yet ready to live on the edge with the latest and greatest. Get what you need for your Chef Infra projects on the Chef Supermarket

Want to contribute to some community cookbooks? Check out the Sous Chefs project, which now maintains cookbooks like Apache2 at https://sous-chefs.org. Have questions? Join us in our Community Slack at https://community-slack.chef.io.

Mandi Walls

Mandi is Technical Community Manager for Chef. She can be found online @LNXCHK.