New Supermarket Features: Fieri and Contingent Cookbooks

We’ve got a couple of new features to announce for Supermarket.


The first is a new tab called “Foodcritic” that shows up when you are viewing a cookbook. Now, when you upload a cookbook, Supermarket will make a background request to a new service we wrote, called Fieri. Fieri will run foodcritic against the cookbook and send the results back to Supermarket. The results are what is shown in the “Foodcritic” tab.

Note that this process only happens when you upload a cookbook. Cookbooks that haven’t been updated since the launch of this feature won’t have that tab available until they’re updated.

Behind the scenes, when you upload a cookbook, Supermarket is posting some information about your cookbook to Fieri, which is a Sinatra app. Fieri runs foodcritic against your cookbook in a background job, and when the job completes, gathers the information that foodcritic reports, and posts that information back to Supermarket, where it is stored alongside your cookbook.

Contingent Cookbooks

Previously, when you viewed the “Dependencies” tab for a cookbook, you only saw the dependencies for the cookbook in question. Now, you can see not only dependencies, but cookbooks that are contingent upon the cookbook in question as well. Right now, we only show one level deep in the dependency graph, but it has still proven to be very useful.


Josh Black