Get Chef Certified for 20% Off with our Summer Discount

The community of Chefs at ChefConf 2017 took full advantage of our on-site certification exams. All told, we delivered over 300 exams. Many people took multiple exams and we had 9 people pass the required three exams to become a Certified Chef Developer. This was a significant achievement, considering we only offered the exams for two afternoons at ChefConf.

One of our newest Certified Chef Developers, Brandon Miller, shared what motivated him to take exams at the conference.

“My goal was validating to myself that the skillset and knowledge I gained over a year of using Chef was not just helping make my job easier, but was following best practices and meeting the standards that not only the Chef team saw fit but the community helped shape.”

Brandon’s comment is an awesome summary of one of our primary objectives for the certification program. Congratulations to Brandon and to all the other Certified Chef Developers!

Just before ChefConf, we introduced our newest badge and exam, Deploying Cookbooks. This exam blends both the multiple choice and hands on lab challenges into one exam. Based on the feedback we received, we will be moving forward with this blended experience for all exams going forward.

Starting today, we are offering a summer discount for all exams. When purchasing an exam, use the code “SUMMERCERT” for a 20% discount. This discount is good through August 31.

Here is the link to get you started –

If you are not familiar with the Chef certification program, details about the badge exams is here. On that page, you will find links to documents that specify the scope of each exam. This information will help you determine if you are ready or need additional Chef skill development.

Why Get Chef Certified?

  • By demonstrating Chef proficiency you are paving the way to a growing career focused on automation and DevOps
  • With the growing need for Chef practitioners, you put yourself in line for a promotion or a new career opportunity
  • Achieving Chef Certification is an inexpensive way to show proof that your expertise is staying current with the needs of the industry

Brian Turner

Brian is the Director of Learning Services at Chef. He enjoys interacting with Chef practitioners and supporting their learning journey.