Release notes: Chef Workstation 21.4.365

macOS Support in chef-run

We have updated the chef-run command to allow resources to be executed against macOS nodes in addition to Linux and Windows nodes.

Opt-In ChefSpec Specs

The chef generate cookbook will no longer generate ChefSpec tests by default. For many users ChefSpec tests add a minimal amount of quality assurance for their large level of complexity. We believe that users are overwhelmingly better off writing true integration tests with InSpec and Test Kitchen, as these tests are far more likely to detect real-world failure conditions. If you'd like to continue to generate sample ChefSpecs, you can run chef generate cookbook --specs MY_COOKBOOK_NAME.

Improved Kitchen Dokken Configs

The chef generate cookbook --kitchen dokken command will now generate a Kitchen Dokken config that runs the container in privileged mode by default. This is necessary for testing any cookbook which includes a systemd unit. Since most cookbooks tested with Kitchen Dokken manage services this will make it easier to switch to Kitchen Dokken for quick test cycles.

Autocompletion in fish Shell

We've updated the code snippet generated by the chef shell-init fish command to generate proper auto-complete commands for the fish shell. If you previously added the code generated by this command to your ~/.config/fish/ config file, you'll want to update that content with the new code. This will give you autocompletion helpers for all the chef sub-commands.

Packaging Improvements

  • Failures running Habitat on macOS systems have been resolved.
  • On Linux and macOS systems symlinks are now created for chef-zero, mixlib-install, and fauxhai making Chef Workstation more functional for users that don't want to use the Chef Workstation Ruby installation as their system-wide Ruby installation.