Release notes: Chef Workstation 22.1.745


Improved Knife Performance

Improved the Knife command performance with optimizations to plugin loading. Windows users and users on non-SSD disks will see the most significant performance improvements from this update.

Updated Components

Chef Infra Client 17.9.18

Updated Chef Infra Client from 17.8.25 to 17.9.18 with improvements to YUM support in the package resource, improved detection of VMware hypervisors, and supports for HashiCorp Vault Approle authentication in the secrets helper. See the Chef Infra Client release notes for a complete list of new features and updates.

Chef InSpec 4.52.9

Chef InSpec has been updated from 4.50.3 to 4.52.9 with many important fixes and improvements.

New Features

  • Added remote target support for Alpine Linux.
  • Added a CLI option for executing profiles from private Supermarkets.
  • Added the ability to specify a proxy as a parameter in the http resource.
  • Added a CLI option to set an SSH configuration file path for SSH transport.
  • Added support for TLS 1.3 to the ssl resource.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an edge case in the service resource where InSpec may falsely detect services as enabled on FreeBSD if that service is the suffix of another enabled service.
  • Fixed the ibmdb2_session resource so that it now correctly accepts queries with clauses.
  • Fixed the oracledb_session resource to properly handle nil in the query output.
  • Fixed the packages resource to list only installed packages on Alpine Linux correctly.

Cookstyle 7.26.1

Updated Cookstyle from 7.25.10 to 7.26.1. This new version includes an updated RuboCop engine with improvements for code linting. New Style/FileRead and Style/FileWrite cops are also enabled to simplify file read/write code in libraries and resources.

Kitchen-ec2 3.12

Updated the Test Kitchen kitchen-ec2 plugin from 3.11.1 to 3.12.0. This new release allows you to define multiple tags in the subnet_filter configuration and ensures the system is properly terminated if there is a failure during the instance creation. Thanks for these improvements @jakauppila!