AWS and Chef

Chef is the platform for automating your infrastructure on Amazon Web Services

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Chef’s tight integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) means that your teams can automate everything AWS has to offer. If you’re using AWS now, Chef gives you a single, unified way to automate AWS services and resources. If you’re thinking of using AWS, Chef will help you migrate your workloads at your own pace, and with complete control.

Creative Cloud had an aggressive timeline for a company the size of Adobe. To get there we had to make two assumptions. The first was AWS. The second, which was my choice, was to use Chef.


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Cycle Computing

How Chef Automates AWS

Chef allows you to define, create, and manage your entire application stack on AWS. With a single recipe you can manage and orchestrate a multi-tier application that relies on a variety of AWS services such as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), elastic load balancing (ELB), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) relational database service (RDS). Because Chef recipes describe resources in the order of their execution, you can ensure that, for example, an RDS database is created and populated before enabling the Amazon EC2 instances that connect to it.

Benefits of Using Chef with AWS

Acceleration to the Cloud

Do you want to take advantage of the cloud and move your workloads to AWS? Chef makes your adoption path not just smooth, but fast. Take advantage of Chef’s expertise and use existing Chef recipes to configure and manage AWS resources and services. Migrate workloads quickly, consistently and at a pace that suits your business needs.

Standardization of Environments

With Chef, you can guarantee consistency from one environment to the next, even in the dynamic world of the cloud. If your organization is actively building software using AWS today or running production workloads there, Chef can help. Use Chef to standardize your cloud and data center environments to create a smooth workflow where your Dev and Ops teams can build, deploy and manage workloads quickly, reducing time to market.

Pre-built Chef Server and Chef Compliance Images in AWS

Flexible consumption-based hourly billing exclusive to this AMI enables one-click use of Chef server and Compliance through your AWS account. Get instant access to premium features, usage-based pricing, and one consolidated AWS bill. The Chef server AMI is configured with the management console and reporting, and backed by the Chef support team. The Chef Compliance AMI enables you to scan your entire infrastructure for security risks and compliance issues, get reports from the scan, and build automated testing into your deployment pipelines.

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