Chef and Google Cloud Platform

Implement DevOps workflow and build continuous delivery pipelines at scale

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Implement DevOps Workflow & Continuous Delivery Pipelines with One Platform

Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) high-speed and high-performance public cloud allows enterprises to migrate, manage, and scale any workload. With Chef, you can manage those workloads and tens of thousands of servers while leveraging of GCP’s sophisticated infrastructure.

With Chef Automate and GCP’s fast and flexible platform, you can implement a DevOps workflow and build continuous delivery pipelines at any scale.

Chef Approved GCP Cookbooks for Chef Automate

Chef-Approved GCP Cookbooks for Chef Automate

Created by GCP, these community cookbooks allow users to define a GCP infrastructure using Chef recipes. By combining Chef Automate with GCP, users will also have the ability to programmatically provision a GCP environment, without leaving Chef or having to use other tools.

By using these cookbooks that are consistent, cohesive, and comprehensive, you can deploy your GCP resources at a higher velocity and greater scale. Leveraging Chef Automate this way enables you to spin up your deployments on GCP and have the confidence that you can provide agile applications to your customers.
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Webcast: Automating Google Cloud Platform with Chef

This webinar will show – from the ground up – GCP deploying a complete end-to-end solution into the cloud straight from Chef.
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Automating Google Cloud Platform with Chef

…the operational overhead accounts for 60% of the cost of beginning that application. And so whether it’s automating the compliance, the configuration management, the provisioning of those services (with Chef technologies) — this is the best practice that we’ve long promoted within Google.

Martin Buhr

Production Manager for Open Source Tools at Google