Chef Habitat

Automate Application Lifecycle Management to Run Apps at Scale Anywhere

Codify how the application is built, how it runs, and all of its dependencies to free the app from underlying infrastructure and make updates easy.

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Chef Habitat enables modern application teams to build, deploy, and run any application in any environment – from traditional data-centers to containerised microservices. Chef Habitat provides built-in support for service discovery, configuration management, supervision, monitoring & health checks, rolling updates, deployment topologies, strict dependency management, and cross platform constituency.

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Graham Weldon, Technical Coordinator and Vision Lead at Rakuten

Common Use Cases

Modernizing App Lifecycle Management

Revitalize legacy applications by repackaging them, applying continuous delivery practices, and deploying them to cloud-native environments.

Cloud Migration

Define your infrastructure, compliance, and applications as code for consistent, secure environments in any cloud.

End-of-Support Transition

Preserve business value while avoiding the costs and risks of EOS by modernizing the application lifecycle management.

Build, Deploy, and Manage Portable, Automated Applications

Legacy applications and commercial off-the-shelf software can often be difficult to migrate into modern development and deployment practices. Modernize those applications with Chef Habitat, and start deploying them alongside actively-managed homegrown software.

From The Old Way

  • Monolithic application architecture make it difficult to effectively scale applications, and slows your ability to keep pace with the deployment velocity customers demand
  • Organizations striving to modernize application design struggle with how to properly utilize emerging technologies, like containers
  • The learning curve from initial proof of concept development initiatives to production-ready architecture design can be intimidatingly steep

To The Easier Way

  • Creates platform-independent build artifacts and provides built-in deployment and management capabilities
  • Builds applications and their dependencies into portable artifacts that contain everything they need to run, and nothing they don’t
  • Artifacts can be exported into immutable formats like Docker or Mesos to ensure applications can be deployed just as easily on servers or as containerized microservices

Run Apps Anywhere with Consistent Workflow


Increase Speed, Increase Choice

Increase the pace of software delivery while remaining flexible with how and where you deploy. Bridge the gap between moving faster to cloud and continuing to support existing Apps.


Deliver on a Cloud-Native Strategy

Build any app or service once and deploy to any platform. Extend the value of strategic platforms, deploy applications and manage services inside and outside the platforms.


Build Once, Ship Anywhere

Build apps with the runtime intelligence they need to ship anywhere. Move quickly to new cloud capabilities and focus on delivering software that helps serve customers better.


Intelligent Lifecycle Management

Built-in automation for dynamic service bindings, clustering topologies, update strategies where services are deployed in groups so configurations can be updated easily and automatically.


Modern Architecture Ready

Supports deploying to traditional servers, as well as to more modern platforms like Kubernetes and Cloudfoundry. Deploy to homegrown environments, as well as to cloud-based offerings like Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Coded Enterprises Manage Apps at Scale as Coded artifacts

Chef Habitat provides application management for all of your apps, customer-facing and internal, and supports your entire enterprise automation stack.

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Improving Portability & Agility of Legacy Applications with Chef Habitat

What do you do with business critical legacy apps written in a pre-cloud era that impact your ability to deliver customer value: painfully rewrite them or lift-and-shift them, which doesn’t address underlying technical debt?

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