Release: Chef Development Kit 0.2.1

Ohai Chefs,

As of today version 0.2.1 of Chef Development Kit is available on our download page. Starting with this version, Chef Development Kit is now supported on Mac OS X 10.8 in addition to 10.9.

The other changes included in this release are:

  • chef gem install can now install gems with native extensions on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug in chef exec to set the ENV correctly. This resolves errors like this when running commands with chef exec.
  • Make supermarket the default source in generated Gemfiles.
  • chef generate repo command is now available. This command generates a chef repository which is equivalent to chef-repo.
  • Generators do not require Administrator privileges on Windows anymore.

You can visit to get this version. If you run into any issues please file a bug in our issue tracker.

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  • Damien Raude-Morvan


    It would be great if Chef DK can support Debian Wheezy as first class devel platform with pre-compiled Debian package :


    • Serdar Sutay

      Reopened that issue @drazzib:disqus. Thanks for the note :)