2018 Awesome Community Chefs

We’re so excited to announce the Awesome Community Chefs for 2018. It’s inspiring for us to hear from our community through the nominations and then be able to recognize the huge contributions from our Awesome Community Chefs. These folks are out there Doing Change everyday to help others reach their goals in so many ways.

Dan Webb

Dan (@dan_webb) is a longtime Chef Community member in the UK. He’s a stalwart of the EMEA community and a key member of the Sous Chefs, the folks maintaining community cookbooks. Dan’s contributions and mentorship have added so much to the Sous Chefs project, and impacted so many other Chefs through improvements to the cookbooks ecosystem.

Romain Sertelon

Romain (@rsertelon) has jumped into the Habitat project with both feet. In just a short time, he has shown immense enthusiasm for the project and core plans, helping anyone and everyone at all hours from Paris. He’s  written patches and bugfixes for more than 100 packages so far! His impact on the Habitat community has been incredible.

Edmund Haselwanter

Edmund (@ehaselwanter) is another veteran community member in EMEA. As a key partner in the DACH region, Edmund runs meetups and trainings, works with customers and community members, and is really just always there when you need him. He was an early committer to InSpec and the dev-sec projects even before they became part of Chef.

Tim Smith

Tim (@tas50) is basically a machine. In his nearly three years working for Chef, he has worked on a huge number of cookbooks and projects in the Chef ecosystem, including the recent release of Chef 14. Tim has also worked on Foodcritic and Ohai, spreading the love of Chef far and wide.

Joshua Timberman

Finally, this year, we want to recognize the decade-long contributions of Joshua Timberman (@jtimberman). Joshua’s impact on the Chef community is immeasurable. From trainer and evangelist, to cookbook maintainer, to Chef Operations, Joshua has been dedicated to the success of Chef’s community, and he cares deeply about everyone’s experience with Chef. We are so happy to be able to thank him for his years of being awesome.

Many thanks

Many thanks to all of our Awesome Community Chefs. Please take a minute to thank them on twitter, or github, or in person when you see them.

Mandi Walls

Mandi is Technical Community Manager for Chef. She can be found online @LNXCHK.