25,000 Users and Introducing Learn Chef Rally Demos!

This week we passed a significant Learn Chef Rally milestone: more than 25,000 of you have created an account to track your progress! This reinforces that we have an amazing community of users interested in honing their chef skills.

With the number of Rally-goers continuing to increase, we’ve decided to spice things up a bit with even more features and content.

Introducing Learn Chef Rally Demos!

Learn Chef Rally Demos are short videos focused on specific topics. No broad, sweeping epics of content to be found here. This is content that is definitely made to order to meet your Chef Software learning needs.

Here are examples of two of the demos created by Chef rock stars Jody Wolfborn and Nick Rycar that are now live on LCR (as the cool kids call it).


The first set of Learn Chef Rally Demos is focused on Chef (and Chef Workstation), InSpec, Habitat, and both Azure and AWS flavored Chef Automate offerings. So far, we have 22 videos with plans to cook up and deliver more demos every week.

What’s Next for LCR?

This is just the beginning of the next phase of LCR and there are more exciting changes coming in 2019!

Thanks to all who use Learn Chef Rally and keep the feedback and feature ideas coming. Your support is truly appreciated!

Brian Turner

Brian is the Director of Learning Services at Chef. He enjoys interacting with Chef practitioners and supporting their learning journey.