3 reasons to Invest in Your Chef Education

It has been a beautiful summer here in the Pacific Northwest. With fall arriving in just a few weeks, my attention has turned to “back to school” activities. Here in the office, this has me thinking about ways the Chef training program supports our practitioners and partners.

Here are my top three reasons for investing in your Chef education:

1.  Professional Development

Every business is a software business, no matter the industry. Increasing your skills and knowledge to meet the job demands of the digital economy is an awesome way to set yourself up for success! To that end, becoming a successful user of Chef Software is a valuable accomplishment. The time you invest in your education will allow you to provide expertise for the technical advancements that are changing the way we work. Your increased skills and knowledge will be an asset to your company and may lead to new career opportunities.

2.  Achieve Chef Certification

Our badge-based certification program presents a challenging set of questions and labs that will truly test your Chef capabilities. Are you ready for the challenge? Assessment badges reflect a mastery of practical skills for solving the toughest IT and business challenges using automation. The exams test for broad and deep Chef expertise and training is one of the best ways to prepare. Guidance for each badge includes the scope of required skills for the exam and links to learning resources that can ensure a successful result.

As DevOps adoption grows, there will be a dramatic increase in the need for individuals with validated Chef expertise. Chef certification will be a great asset for your professional development. After passing the exams for Basic Chef Fluency, Local Cookbook Development, and Extending Chef you will be able to share that you are a Certified Chef Developer. And, yes, there are cool t-shirts provided as part of the award.

3.  Become a Part of the Community

When you enroll in a Chef training class you work in an environment with others who face similar successes and challenges. This networking opportunity will introduce you to individuals with similar technical interests and is a great entry into the Chef community. The learning doesn’t stop when the class ends; doors will open to relationships in the community that can help resolve challenges faced on-the-job. These interactions will contribute to your personal and professional growth. As your Chef proficiency increases you will gain recognition across the community for your accomplishments. If interested, this will lead to opportunities to become a mentor to newer users and help them develop their Chef skills.

Chef Training Resources

In order to support success for Chef practitioners, we offer beginner through advanced learning solutions for your journey to learn Chef. Starting with free online tutorials you can get a taste for Chef. After exploring the online resources, you should check out our formal training. We offer in-person and online classes that focus heavily on hands on labs that will increase your Chef knowledge and skills. https://learn.chef.io/

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Brian Turner

Brian is the Director of Learning Services at Chef. He enjoys interacting with Chef practitioners and supporting their learning journey.