4 Reasons Why Chef’s MEGA Product Launch is a Must Attend Event

Have you heard? We have a new product solution around the corner, and it’s a combination of two huge ones: Chef Cloud Security, our recent addition to the policy-based product portfolio and Chef InSpec 5, its latest version. Both products make up Chef’s Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) solution.

Launches like this one require something of MEGA proportions.

On Wednesday, May 25, Chef is hosting Chef’s MEGA Product Launch, a virtual event at 9 AM PT (noon ET). Join Prashanth Nanjundappa, VP, Product Management, Sharan Rayakar, Principal Product Manager, and Michelle Sebek, Product Marketing Manager to learn more and have fun with the ins- and -outs of the CSPM solution.

Why is our May Launch a MEGA product launch? This launch contains new offerings, enhancements, and improvements:

Multi-Cloud Environments

Enterprise Automation Stack


Application Delivery

See what we mean and why we call it a May MEGA launch... There are many reasons to attend our live event, but we've narrowed down the reasons that make Chef's MEGA Product Launch the event for you!

4 Reasons to Attend Chef's MEGA Product Launch Virtual Event

Register and MEET with an EXPERT panel and customers to learn more about GOVERNANCE utilizing the coded APPROACH, and, o yea, there is free swag.

1. Receive the scoop about our newest security product release.

Chef Cloud Security is the newest product in our portfolio. And to say we’re excited about it is an understatement. One capability for users is how it enables users to gain visibility into cloud-native environments. While we would love to list the information about Chef Cloud Security, register for the event to learn more.

2. Updates to current ones in our policy folder

The event features Chef InSpec 5 launch announcement, where additional details about the product update will be heard. InSpec 5 builds upon the policy product’s ability to deliver secure infrastructure as code at scale.

3. Learn directly from experts

A panel of three Chef product specialists is diving deep into these new launches. Attendees will hear discussions between Prashanth Nanjundappa, VP of Product Management, Sharan Rayakar, Principal Product Manager, and Michelle Sebek, Product Marketing Manager. Our experts will discuss the benefits of Chef Compliance and Cloud Security solutions, among other subjects.

4. Chances to win swag

It wouldn’t be a Chef event without free swag! Who doesn’t love free stuff? Starting on May 3, every registrant for the MEGA Launch event receives the chance to win a Chef-branded Timbuk2 backpack.

Register today to save your virtual seat!


Aleena Azhar

Aleena Azhar was a Digital Marketing Manager at Progress Chef.