Adam Jacob & Ezra Zygmuntowicz demo Chef & Nanite at Velocity 2009

Utilizing a mixture of open source tools (such as Chef, Nanite, CouchDB, and RabbitMQ) and battle-tested techniques, Adam and Ezra will show you how to build an infrastructure that’s easy to manage, integrates with your application, and is self-documenting. Along the way, they’ll give you the key insights you need to get maximum benefit from these technologies for your business.

The speakers come from two companies well-known in this space. Engine Yard is moving to the cloud – in addition to their own internal hosting offering they built their stellar reputation on. Opscode brings “infrastructure automation to the masses”. Born from years of experience building fully automated infrastructure for dozens of startups, they are the creators of Chef.

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Jesse Robbins

Chef Co-Founder & Advisor